The Drips takes you on a journey into the unimaginable.



VANCE TOLEDO is very famous and has lots of wealth in gold bullions. He also has a handful of silver ingots. On average, Toledo has sex with 8.6 women a day. "Trying to bump up that number," Toledo says.  "In order to do so, we must redefine what we mean by "a woman." Most would consider a woman to be a female aged seventeen to seventy. But what if a woman can be something more? Can a woman also be an object as insubstantial as a pile of old newspaper?  It's not such an outrageous idea. And sex--when we say "sex," are we describing intimate physical relations between two people? Or could "sex" be something as simple as a trip to the dumpster to toss a trashbag full of newspaper?  With these interpretations, it's not unreasonable to think that an 8.6 can one day become an 8.7 or even an 8.8."  Vance Toledo resides in Portland, Oregon, where he is happily married with two children.